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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#SDCC: Jurassic World Poster Revealed

It's Wednesday and for the San Diego Comic-Con and that means the exclusive releases of posters for upcoming movies. This one is for Jurassic World by Mark Englert and it can be yours by following these instructions:
#JurassicWorld is coming.

Text JURASSIC to 834567 and find out how to get this exclusive Jurassic World art by Mark Englert at San Diego Comic-Con International#JurassicCountdown#SDCC

Zack Snyder Trolls Twitter with Image of Superman as a Jedi

Context be damned, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice director, Zack Snyder, posted an image of Superman aka Henry Cavill in a robe over his costume posing as a Jedi with a lightsaber. The internet was not designed to handle this level of geektastic imagery.

#SDCC: Ant-Man Poster Will Make You Momentarily Forget It Could Still Be A Hot Mess

This San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Ant-Man poster is a pre-production concept illustration created by Andy Park. EW revealed the poster and it's pretty cool, showcasing Ant-Man himself with the ant-men Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas imposed besides. And in the microscopic form riding a fly as though it was a mighty stallion. I almost forgot the film that got passed around like the last lukewarm bottle of beer at a beach party could still be a muddled mess.

#SDCC: Batfleck's Cowl and Cape is Previewed

Preview night at the San Diego Comic-Con gave attendees a peek at Ben Affleck's cowl and cape from his Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice costume. The teases at Warner Bros. have more to offer this weekend (they better) even though the 2016 BvS film has no "official" presence at the Con this year. Stay tuned!
Source: SHH

Finally, Colton Haynes in Costume as Arsenal for Arrow Season 3

It's been a matter of when not if Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) was going to become the sidekick to Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) on CW's Arrow. Thanks to EW they got an exclusive image of Roy as Speedy, Red Arrow, Arsenal. He will join the team on a full time basis beginning with the first episode of season 3. 

Arrow returns to the CW network on Wednesday, October 8.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Lucy Lawless Adding Awesomeness to Season Two of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

If there's one thing Agents of SHIELD could use is more geek cred and adding Xena: Warrior Princess herself, Lucy Lawless would be a huge boost. The popular actress is slated to appear on the show's second season in an undisclosed role. 

Dwayne Johnson Hints at Playing Shazam and Why That Would Totally Rock

During an interview with Total Film while promoting his newest release out this week, Hercules, Dwayne Johnson discussed what role he'd be most interested in playing in a DC hero movie. As he parsed his words it became pretty clear he was hinting at playing Captain Marvel, now known as Shazam.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Star Wars VII: Christina Chong is the Latest Addition to the Cast

Perhaps all that criticism about so few actresses from that initial table read was a bit premature. On Thursday, Latino Review first reported that British actress, Christina Chong (24: Live Another Day), was the latest addition to the Star Wars Episode VII cast that now boasts at least four female cast members. 

Archie's Dark Circle Comics Ushers in a New Era of Superheroes with a Trio of Titles

Archie Comics announced they'd be relaunching their superhero characters under the imprint of Dark Circle Comics last week and now they've revealed the first three in their line-up. The Fox, The Black Hood and The Shield will all make their debut in 2015 with some heavy hitters providing the stories and artwork.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sam Wilson Takes Over as Captain America at Marvel Comics as Revealed on The Colbert Report

As many had suspected, tonight's announcement from Marvel COO Joe Quesada on The Colbert Report did reveal the new Captain America to be Sam Wilson, the former Falcon. He'll be taking over for Steve Rogers after recent events in the comics found Cap without his powers as the super serum had been removed from his blood causing him to age 65 years rapidly. He will remain a vital part of the missions from a tactical perspective and mentor the new Cap.

'Kite' Trailer: Samuel L. Jackson and India Eisley Seek Vengeance in Anime Adaptation

If you thought Scarlett Johansson was awesome in the Lucy trailers let me introduce you to India Eisley. Eisley (The Secret Life of an American Teenager) spends the majority of this trailer kicking ass and dropping bodies while on the hunt for those responsible for the brutal deaths of her parents.

'Powers' Has Cast Susan Heyward as Deena Pilgrim

Susan Heyward (The Following) has been cast as the female lead on Sony Playstation Network's crime drama, Powers, based on the comic book series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. Also cast are Max Fowler (The Killing)  and Adam Godley (Breaking Bad, Suits). 

Another Marvel Comic Book Announcement Tonight on The Colbert Report

After having the ladies on The View announce the new female Thor comic book series, Marvel's CCO Joe Quesada will appear on The Colbert Report tonight to reveal another all-new title for a "classic super hero." The press release also adds "all-new era" for this character which should mean it's as significant as the Thor announcement.

NEW COMIC BOOKS TODAY: Notable New Releases for July 16, 2014

New comics 7/16 

There's one shocking, albeit well publicized, event occurring today in comics with the death of Archie Andrews in Life with Archie #36 by Paul Kupperberg and Pat Kennedy. This series finale is already sold out in print so check with your local store or go online for digital copies. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

'Gotham' Flies Their Official Comic-Con Banner

If you're presenting at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con you have to have an impressive banner to let the masses know you're there and ready to party. Well, Fox released their official banner for the Batman prequel drama, Gotham, that premieres on Sept. 22. It incorporates the character posters into one great big gallery. SDCC begins July 24.

Thor's Luscious Golden Locks will Now Belong to a Woman

Thor #1 cover by Russell Dauterman

It turns out the "thundering" announcement Marvel promised to make during ABC's The View was indeed Thor-related. Beginning in October a new Thor and comic book series will feature a female God of Thunder. Described as the one and only Thor worthy of wielding Mjolnir.

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