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Ray Fawkes and Jeremy Haun Present the Crime-Noir Mystery THE FINAL WITNESS

A terrifying serial killer wreaks havoc in THE FINAL WITNESS #1 (of 5) this April!

Eisner-nominated writer RAY FAWKES (Batman Eternal) and electrifying artist JEREMY HAUN (Batwoman) present a captivating crime-noir mystery! Can a powerful new hero, a detective, and an investigative journalist solve this chilling case as more and more bodies are found in San Francisco?

Here's a first look at the brand-new hero's origin!

"I'm thrilled to bring a crime-thriller twist to the Valiant superhero universe, and I'm excited to see the fans react to this book," said Ray. "It's a real ride, with a lot of twists and turns and some good, horrifying crime thrown into the mix."
The critically-acclaimed writer added that fans of his work are in for a real treat. "People who read my work know I love the darker side of things, and this book is one where I truly get to cut loose. I'm really looking forward to watching fans try to unravel the mystery!"

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