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Jared Leto Could Become The Joker for 'Suicide Squad'

As if David Ayer's Suicide Squad couldn't get any more star studded Warner Bros. is seeking to add Oscar-winner Jared Leto to play none other than Batman's infamous foe, The Joker. With Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Margot Robbie still in negotiations to star and Jesse Eisenberg expected to return in his Batman V Superman role of Lex Luthor this could turn out to be an all-star affair. 

The Wrap had the scoop but neither Leto's representatives or the studio had comment. There's been no confirmation about any casting but it's clear that WB is shooting for the stars, literally. Ryan Gosling was eyed to be the Joker initially but reportedly balked at a franchise commitment. 

Suicide Squad revolves around a group of imprisoned supervillains recruited by a government agency to go on dangerous black ops missions in exchange for reduced sentences...if they survive. 

Leto lost out to Benedict Cumberbatch (maybe) for Dr. Strange so it was clear the Dallas Buyers Club star was open to joining a comic book movie. However, the Joker had not been mentioned being a part of the team but with Cara Delevingne being rumored to play Harley Quinn, the Clown Prince of Crime couldn't have been too far behind. If the rumors hold true Squad we will have both of 'BvS' arch-enemies in the same film. 

Another Oscar-winner, Heath Ledger, won posthumously for playing the Joker in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. His memorable performance remains as one of the most iconic depictions of the Joker, or a movie villain for that matter, in history. Leto will have some large shoes to fill.

When he's not fronting the rock band 30 Seconds to Mars, Leto is selectively choosing his acting roles. Ever since his breakout in television's My So-Called Life as Jordan Catalano he's been steadily trimming his acting gigs to about one role a year. If he signs on it would speak volumes of the confidence he has in the material. He's already shown in Club that he's willing to get lost in a role and embody a character. Ledger's legacy should be in good hands. 


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