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All-New Latinx Fantasy Mini-Series 'Helm Greycastle' from Henry Barajas and Top Cow Lands this April

Critically acclaimed writer Henry Barajas ( La Voz de M.A.Y.O.: Tata Rambo ) teams up with artist Rahmat M. Handoko ( Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Ultimate Spider-Man: Infinite Comic ) and colorist Bryan Valenza ( Witchblade ) for the all-new Latinx fantasy series Helm Greycastle . This four-issue miniseries will launch from Image/Top Cow Productions this April.  Helm Greycastle will also feature alternative covers by such talent as David Lapham ( Stray Bullets ), Tony Parker ( God of War ), and Becky Cloonan ( Immortal Wonder Woman ), along with a bonus Latinx one-shot RPG ( 5E compatible ) written by Tristan J. Tarwater ( Rolled & Told ) and showcasing art by Jen Vaughn ( d20 Dames ). "What if the Aztec Empire defeated the Spanish Conquistadors? As a Mexican-American who has had no formal education on my indigenous background, writing this book has been very empowering," said Barajas. "I'm excited to share some Mesoamerican history while mixing it wit

PREVIEW: 'Exit Generation' #1 (of 4) by Sam Read and Caio Oliveira

Available Sept. 23, 2015
Set in a near future, where a sudden depopulation of Earth has resulted in a comfortable but dull utopia, EXIT GENERATION follows a bored punk named Jack, who is thrust suddenly into the unlikely role of saviour when hungry aliens snatch his nearest and dearest.

From underground success in the UK, & now to the world stage; the first issue of the direct market release lands in comic shops and on Comixology in September though ComixTribe, & features the work of:

Writer: Sam Read (ComixTribe’s Find)
Artist: Caio Oliveira (Magnetic Press’ Super Ego)
Colourist (Issue One): Ruth Redmond (Marvel’s Storm)
Colourist (Issues Two, Three & Four): Marissa Louise (BOOM’s Escape From New York)
Letters and production: 
Colin Bell (BOOM’s UFOlogy)
Ramon Villalobos (Marvel’s Original Sins)
 Adam P. Knave (MonkeyBrain’s Amelia Cole)
Linking Variant Covers – Inks: Joe Mulvey (ComixTribe’s Scam)
Linking Variant Covers – Colours: Jules Rivera (Valkyrie Squadron)