'Agents of SHIELD' Gets Rightfully Skewered in New 'Honest Trailer'

Considering I watch 'Agents of SHIED' for the sole purpose of criticizing it fairly and as often as possible will tell you how much I enjoyed the latest 'Honest Trailer' from Screen Junkies. Call me a hater but Marvel is really holding 'Law & Order: Super Victims Unit' back from being a great show. It's sandwiched between really popular movies and critically acclaimed Netflix shows leaving the super spy show twisting in the wind. Something this video does a great job of addressing. 

When you're getting mostly inconsequential cameos from B-list heroes and being "tied" to the continuity of the films in the most awkward and slightest ways, what is this show but a placeholder for more exciting movies. 

Fans of the show swear they enjoy it and it has gotten a lot better since their first season. Well, that's great if you think so. Like what you like and God bless you. I'll take the Netflix shows, Agent Carter, and some of the Marvel movies over this any day. 

Enough with my two cents, enjoy the video.