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HEAVY METAL: 'Chasing The Dragon' #1 is Available Now

 In Chasing the Dragon , New York Times Bestselling writer Denton J. Tipton and acclaimed painter menton3 explore a dark fantasy world ravaged by the rampant abuse of a drug made from the blood of dragons. When two young slaves discover a terrible secret that could change the course of the world, will a meek alchemist’s apprentice and a drug-addled concubine survive long outside their cages? For fans of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad . CHASING THE DRAGON Writer: Denton J. Tiption  Artist: menton3 Publisher: Heavy Metal Release: Feb. 26, 2021  Order Here

Daredevil V Punisher in First Season Two Trailer

March will see two other heavyweights go at it besides 'Batman V Superman.' Netflix released part one of "Marvel's Daredevil" Season 2 trailer as Daredevil (Charlie Cox) comes face-to-face with Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) on a murderous revenge spree as the Punisher.  

The dark and brooding trailer introduces Castle as an angel of death to those who killed his family and for bad guys everywhere. Team Daredevil question whether or not they created the atmosphere for such a monster to exist. Season two seems to promise a lot of violence and an epic showdown. See part one the trailer now and part two arrives February 25.

Daredevil Season Two streams on Netflix beginning March 18. 

Just when Matt thinks he is bringing order back to the city, new forces are rising in Hell’s Kitchen. Now the Man Without Fear must take on a new adversary in Frank Castle and face an old flame – Elektra Natchios.
Bigger problems emerge when Frank Castle, a man looking for vengeance, is reborn as The Punisher, a man who takes justice into his own hands in Matt’s neighborhood. Meanwhile, Matt must balance his duty to his community as a lawyer and his dangerous life as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, facing a life-altering choice that forces him to truly understand what it means to be a hero.
Watch Trailer Part 2 February 25
All Episodes March 18