GOTHAM PREVIEWS: 'Wrath of the Villains' Begins in This Video Playlist

The Gotham mid-season premiere arrives Monday, February 29 on Fox and the network has released a series of teasers leading up to the return. The season promised a "Rise of the Villains" and after half a season of crazy twists that featured the rise and fall of Theo Galvan, the introduction of Firefly, Ed Nygma's descent into madness, and a glimpse at the classic Batman villain Mr. Freeze.

Victor Fries (Nathan Darrow) is a cryogenics scientist with a terminally ill wife, Nora. With his beloved suffering from an incurable disease, Fries desperately preserves Nora cryogenically until he can find a cure. Even if that means experimenting on others to do it. 

In this video playlist, take a sneak peek at young Bruce, Hugo Strange, the Riddler, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze. See what's in store for all your favorite characters as the "rise" leads to the "Wrath of the Villains."