REVIEW: 'Ninjak' #17 by Matt Kindt and Diego Bernard

★★★★☆ (4/5)

'The Siege at King's Castle' arc comes to an explosive end and secrets are revealed. A satisfying finale that covers a lot of ground in an efficient issue that features some of the best fight scenes in comics. 

Matt Kindt and Diego Bernard keep a synergistic duet of dialogue and action that keeps the action moving from panel to panel without the script impeding it all. Sometimes, in these boss battles where the protagonist fights the antagonist, there tends to be a lot of clunky exposition by the villain that while it informs undermines the fighting. Here, Bernard and Kindt pace it so well that the words and punches create compliment each other instead of trouncing one another. 

Roku reveals some important details I won't spoil here but is as devasting to Colin as the kicks to the head. The connection between them is undeniable and Roku is out for revenge as Colin continues to take a beating. 

It's the type of issue that even if you weren't following the arc, the recap at the beginning helps immensely, you'd get sucked into this death match regardless. More than anything by the end, you want more. The next arc involves another Valiant character, Eternal Warrior, so the storyline will pivot with the crossover, but if this is the type of action we can expect I'm here for it.