PREVIEW: 'Sovereigns' #2 by Ray Fawkes, Chuck Wendig, Johnny Desjardins and Álvaro Sarraseca

The growing mystery in the Lost Valley threatens to envelop the Earth and destroy any future mankind has. While Samson, last man on Earth, stalks the threat, little does he know the threat stalks HIM!  And some five-hundred years earlier, Doctor Spektor faces his destiny while Magnus investigates a puzzle that will ultimately change everything!

BONUS TUROK STORY: Continuing the all-new saga of the all-new Turok from SOVEREIGNS #0: What’s Turok’s link to the outside world, and will that tie aid his quest or bring it down—along with his head?

Sovereigns #2
writer: Ray Fawkes (main), Chuck Wendig (Turok bonus story)
artist: Johnny Desjardins (main), Álvaro Sarraseca (Turok bonus story) 
(Doctor Spektor bonus story)
covers: Stephen Segovia (a), Johnny Desjardins (b), Álvaro Sarraseca (c), Jorge Fornés (c)
incentive cover: Jorge Fornés (B/W art), Johnny Desjardins (B/W art), Stephen Segovia (B/W art)
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FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+