Panel Syndicate Announces New Series UMAMI by Ken Niimura Available Now

Panel Syndicate presents its newest series by the award-winning creator of 'I Kill Giants,' Ken Niimura, UMAMI.

Who said cooking was only for nourishing?

Uma is a cheerful and determined girl from a remote village, who always has an amazing dish ready to solve any problem… if only she wasn’t such a disaster. 

Ami is the future king’s chef, stickler and extremely proud, whose aim in the kitchen is to achieve the best taste following traditional techniques and recipes. 

Despite their many disagreements, together they are an explosive team and no obstacle stands on their way. But how could anybody imagine that the destiny of the entire kingdom would depend on their culinary skills…? 

Welcome to the great little adventures of Uma and Ami in this 46-page digital comic book now available at for whatever price you want to pay!

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