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COMING SOON: 'Vampironica: New Blood' by Frank Tieri, Michael Moreci, and Audrey Mok

Veronica returns for a second bite in VAMPIRONICA: NEW BLOOD by Frank Tieri, Michael Moreci, and Audrey Mok!

Archie Horror's leading lady is back in a blood-spattered new mini-series! Vampironica — the fanged alter-ego of Riverdale's iconic "it girl" Veronica Lodge — will return in December's VAMPIRONICA: NEW BLOOD, a five-issue run written by bestsellers Frank Tieri (JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER) and Michael Moreci (Roche Limit, Burning Fields) with art by Archie Comics veteran Audrey Mok (ARCHIE, JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS).

In last year's VAMPIRONICA, Veronica was turned into a creature of the night by an invading horde of fanged monsters, and the vampire slaying anti-hero has been put through her paces in the multiversal crossover JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER VS. VAMPIRONICA which concludes on October 9. NEW BLOOD spins out of the shocking events of that issue, with Ronnie back in her own world trying to deal with the ramifications as new monstrous threats rear their (very)…

PREVIEW: 'Raven the Pirate Princess, Year 3' #6 (Digital Only) by Jeremy Whitley, Telenia Albuquerque, and Pocket Owl

Only one issue ago, our crew was as happy as they’ve ever been, and now they’re in a fight just to stay alive.  Old ghosts from Sunshine and Ananda’s adventure at The Heart of the Sea have finally caught up to them.  On the other hand, drowned by beautiful mermaids is an epic way to go!  After this, nothing is going to be the same for Raven and her crew!

RAVEN THE PIRATE PRINCESS YEAR 3 #6 (Digital Only) Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley Artist Name(s): Telenia Albuquerque, Pocket Owl, Lexillo Cover Artist(s): Telenia Albuquerque

31 pgs./ T / FC                   $2.99

'Mr. Beaver' Is The Action Crime Comic You've Been Waiting For

The latest Action Lab: Danger Zone title to burst onto the scene is MR. BEAVER! Imagine the Dark Knight, but instead of the caped crusader taking on the dark underbelly, a special agent, Mr. Beaver, is called upon as the crime levels hit an all-time high.

A beaver in a man's world, he has a secret agenda that he'll try to accomplish using his numerous skills and secret techniques. With an insatiable hunger for justice and empanadas, Mr. Beaver is begrudgingly paired up with a junior detective in order to take down the criminal organization known as "The Twelve".

Writer and artist Pablo Verdugo Muñoz says "My inspiration for the story and character came from all the action cartoons I used to watch on TV in the 80s and 90s such as TMNT, Street Sharks, Biker Micefrom Mars,Gargoyles, etc. I wanted to put a different spin by setting the story in a more contemporary time, and making the hero of the story my all-time favorite animal: the beaver."

MR. BEAVER is Pab…

PREVIEW: 'Chastity' #1 by Leah Williams and Daniel Maine

Chastity Jack has been kidnapped, to the great misfortune of her kidnappers. She, along with a dozen other young women, arrive at an audition for a prestigious New York City burlesque act hoping to land a coveted spot in the popular show. When they wake up in chains on a spooky cruise ship in the middle of nowhere, they’re congratulated on joining the cast. Realizing they’ve been drugged and kidnapped by human traffickers, Chastity Jack declines the offer. Grindhouse-style.

Chastity #1
writer: Leah Williams artist: Daniel Maine covers: Clayton Crain (A)               Nick Bradshaw (B)             Jay Anacleto “Surprise” Cover (C)              Catherine Nodet (D)               David Nakayama (E)             J. Scott Campbell “Carve Out” Incentive Cover (RI)               Nick Bradshaw (RI-B/W)               Clayton Crain Hellfire Red Incentive Cover (RI-Virgin)             David Nakayama (RI-B/W)             J. Scott Campbell (RI-B/W)
FC  |  32 pages  |  $3.99  |   Horror  |  Mature 
In …

Action Lab: Danger Zone's BLU LULLABY Launches Digital First This Week

BLU LULLABY is a fast-paced horror-mystery! When things that go bump in the night aren’t the monsters, it’s up to Winter and Blu, a survivor of child abuse and the monster under her bed, to investigate and stop a series of child kidnappings. This is the unlikely detective agency known as Safety Blanket! This Action Lab: Danger Zone title will be available digital-first on comiXology this week.

What if MIB met Monsters, Inc.?
"Essentially I like to think of this as if Monsters, Inc. decided to see the dark sides of a child's life," creator/writer Chad Perkins comments. "Not every child is afraid of the monster in their closet or the shadow in the corner smiling back at them." He adds, “I think the one thing I want readers to get out of this book is an enjoyable experience; I want this to be a comic someone who is just starting out can read and a comic veteran can also enjoy...”
Chad leaves us with these ominous words: “What are you afraid of? The monster under y…

PREVIEW: 'BANJAX' #4 by Rylend Grant, Fábio Alves, and Edson Ferreira

CHAPTER 4: ONE BOLD MOVE. The first story arc of Hollywood screenwriter/Aberrant-scribe Rylend Grant’s delightfully twisted deconstruction of the superhero genre comes to a rousing crescendo.

 Despite losing everything he holds dear in the wake of Mason’s assault on the Gyrotech HQ, Raines still refuses to step up to his former mentor… so, a well-meaning Amanda does something truly demonic to force his hand.
Writer(s): Rylend Grant Artist Name(s): Fábio Alves (Artist), Edson Ferreira (Colorist), HdE (Letterer) Cover Artist(s): Fábio Alves (Artist), Edson Ferreira (Colorist)     ***Same artists for both the regular and variant covers.
32 pgs./ M / FC                   $3.99