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Image Comics Reveals a Special Line of 'Rumble' Variant Covers for Black History Month

Image Comics is pleased to reveal a very special line of Rumble variant covers in time for Black History Month. These covers will kick off the new story arc with Rumble #11 by John Arcudi and David Rubín and will feature artwork by Keith Pollard, Arvell Jones, Ron Wilson, Chris Brunner, and Sanford Greene.

“There’s such a rich history of African Americans working in comics, but it seems to me not enough people know about it. ‘Okay, then maybe Image and I could help out with that a bit,’ was my thinking when I came up with this tribute series of variants,” said Arcudi. “And luckily, Keith Pollard, Arvell Jones, and Ron Wilson were willing to help us out with their tribute variants—homages, in fact, to their own vintage comics covers. We followed their great covers up with two homages to Black comics' pioneers Matt Baker and A.C. Hollingsworth, done by Chris Brunner and Sanford Greene respectively. Altogether, the series came out pretty great as a kind of visual history of African American cartoonists in comic books.”

In Rumble #11, strange forces have unleashed the Four Scourge Knights of the Apocalypse, and somehow, Bobby LaRosa is mankind’s only hope. 

Rumble #11 Cover A (B&W by Rubín, Diamond Code: FEB190190) and Rumble #11 Cover B (pencils by Pollard, inks by Kevin Nowlan, colors by Dave Stewart, Diamond Code: FEB190191) will be available in comic shops on Wednesday, April 17. The final order cutoff deadline for comic shop retailers is Monday, March 25. 

Rumble #12 Cover A (B&W by Rubín) and Rumble #12 Cover B (pencils by Jones, inks by Kevin Nowlan, colors by Dave Stewart) will be available in comic shops on Wednesday, May 22. 

Rumble #13 Cover A (B&W by Rubín) and Rumble #13 Cover B (pencils by Wilson, inks by Bill Sienkiewicz, colors by Dave Stewart) will be available in comic shops in June. 

Rumble #14 Cover A (B&W by Rubín) and Rumble #14 Cover B (pencils & inks by Brunner, colors by Rico Renzi) will be available in comic shops in July. 

Rumble #15 Cover A (B&W by Rubín) and Rumble #15 Cover B (pencils & inks by Greene, colors by Rico Renzi) will be available in comic shops in August. 


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