Alicia Marie Dons 'Pocahontas' Cosplay on Way to Jakarta Comic Con

You don't see 'Pocohontas' cosplay very much, but Alicia Marie proves it can be done and done well. It also holds some sentimental value being the character she won her first costume contest with. She's on her way to Jakarta Comic Con so be sure to stop and said hello to the fabulous Alicia Marie.

From her Facebook page:
Current mood: CRAZED
Turning it back around for another airport - heading to Jakarta, Indonesia for Jakarta Comic Con!!!!!
Still not sure on what cosplays to rock but I do know my Disney's POCAHONTAS will be there!!! Tee hee 😉
This is one of my all-time favorite cosplays because 1) I can wear FLATS and 2) it was actually the very first cosplay I ever won a costume contest for (I won a big ol $100) when I was 16 and "cosplay" wasn't even a thing yet....

...I was just the weird girl who liked dressing up in stuff...when it wasn't Halloween lmaooo 😂

Wish me luck....I'll update when I can!!! Love everyone 💙