Batman Outdoes Taylor Swift in Star-Studded "Bad Blood" Parody Music Video

If anyone could out-Taylor Swift Taylor Swift it would be the Dark Knight. This parody video from How It Should Have Ended  of T-Swift's "Bad Blood" music video is even more star-studded and explosive. It's also a celebration of ten years of HISHE who've provided hilarious alternate endings and parodies of popular films. Check out all the amazing cameos from Ellen Ripley to Furiosa to Chuck Norris. 

In response to the Batman V Superman trailers, Batman sings about how they now have BAT BLOOD. 

This video was made to say thank you. HISHE turned 10 years old this year. Isn't that insane?! 10! And we could never have made it this far if you guys didn't support us. It has been a wonderful ride of parodies and alternate endings. We wanted to make a big montage like celebration video, so when the original Bad Blood video dropped and it was full of cameos (old and new) and scifi action movie galore, we could not help but feel inspired. We hope you enjoy this, and thank you again for subscribing! And thank you, Taylor, for making such an epic video. This project was extremely fun to work on.