CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR - Audi Chase Commercial and International Posters

With nearly two weeks away from becoming one of, if not the biggest, movie blockbuster of the year, Captain America: Civil War continues its marketing blitz with a new Audi ad full of new chase footage featuring Cap, Bucky, and Black Panther. We also get a look at the international posters from Russia and China.

The extended Audi car commercial appropriately titled "The Chase" features a longer look at that crazy foot chase between Black Panther, Bucky, and Cap. It revolves around an oblivious family riding in their Audi while other Audis pass them by as well as our heroes. You really get a feel for the exciting action sequences we're going to see come May 6. 

The posters give us a closer, full body look at the heroes from the Chinese prints while the Russian prints are similar to the ones we've seen stateside except it pits members from Team Iron Man head-to-head against Team Cap. 

Watch Captain America and Black Panther go head-to-head in never before seen footage from Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. And see what happens when a family in their all-new Audi SQ7 gets caught in the middle of the action.

Source: CBM