See How Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Get Their Fitness On

Ever wonder what it would be like to eat and train as a superhero? What would you eat? How would you workout? Robbie Kendo and artist Fulvio Obregon did and created a series of beautiful prints illustrating how they'd imagine Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman would go about their healthy daily lives when they're not fighting crime or each other.
Even superheroes need to stay fit and healthy, right? To help us understand what goes into maintaining a superhero physique we took an imaginary peak into the everyday lives of three iconic heroes. They've even been kind enough to share their favourite juice and meal recipes so you can recreate that feeling of invincibility at home.
At The Juice-Tice League website,  they've even provided healthy recipes to go along with a superhero training regime. The illustrations are pretty cool and are full easter eggs to decipher. Why Batman trains with his cowl on is anyone's guess but it's working for him. See some of these amazing images below and visit the site for more plus delicious recipes.