PREVIEW: 'Kiss' #2 by Amy Chu and Kewbar Baal

In the underground city of Blackwell, four children of the future discover four Elders from the past. The Elders, who live on as programs in the computer MORPHEUS, reveal a history they never knew, and deliver a warning—something has gone terribly wrong with their world. And it's up to the four friends to find out what.  

Kiss #2
writer: Amy Chu
artist: Kewbar Baal
covers: Nick Bradshaw (a), Shouri “Starchild Emoji” Cover (b), Photo Variant (c)
incentive cover:  Nick Bradshaw (B/W art), Shouri  (Starchild Emoji “virgin art”),
Nick Bradshaw (“virgin art”)
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FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+