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NEW COMIC BOOK DAY: Notable Releases 1/31/18

This week in comics is filled with big action comics. The BLACK LIGHTNING collection, DARK NIGHTS METAL, ETERNAL, SILENCER, HACK/SLASH RESURRECTION, VIOLENT LOVE, and more feature death-defying action. If you're looking for some horror check out REACTOR and ANIMOSITY along with HACK/SLASH. If you're looking for a smorgasbord of stories see BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY. For some ground-breaking comics BLACK [AF] AMERICA'S SWEETHEART is a must-buy. See this week's recommendations and happy reading.

(W) Dennis O'Neil, Gerry Conway, Martin Pasko, J.M DeMatteis, Paul Kupperberg (A) Dick Dillin, George Tuska, Rich Buckler, Marshall Rogers, Pat Broderick, Frank Chiaramonte, Bob Smith, Romeo Tanghal, Mike Nasser, Vince Colletta, Frank McLaughlin, Joe Staton, Dick Giordano, Gerald Forton (CA) Jim Aparo
Presenting never-before-reprinted adventures of Jefferson Pierce, a.k.a. Black Lightning, from the pages of BRAVE AND THE BOLD #163, DC COMICS PRESENTS #16, DETECTIVE COMICS #490-49…


Taking place directly after the events of the outrageous DANGER DOLL SQUAD crossover, Katie is ready to go back to her life at the comic shop... unfortunately for everyone, her other-dimensional foes the Glarkians have started an all-out invasion that spells disaster for Detroit! Will Katie be able to save her home or is it already too late?

If you thought the threat was real in DANGER DOLL SQUAD, the stakes have gotten a lot more personal in this latest volume with Katie's family, friends and all of Detroit caught in the space vampire crossfire. Don't miss out on this reality-shattering finale to the second season of VAMPBLADE!
Creator and writer Jason Martin comments, "Winding down season two of the series, and on the heels of the DANGER DOLL SQUAD events, we’re really putting our heroine through the wringer both emotionally and physically. I hope fans, from this series and the recent DANGER DOLL event, will find this story as exciting and unexpected as I found it was t…

PREVIEW: ' Vampirella: The Dynamite Years' Omnibus Vol 2 TP by Brandon Jerwa, Heubert Khan Michael, and Patrick Berkenkotter

Vampirella, a lethal beauty waging a war against the undead and demonic, must defend her recent actions to a tribunal deep within Vatican City. Hell is coming to Earth, and only Vampirella and her trusted allies can stop it!

Bad blood and old grievances are put aside when a deadly coven of witches threatens to unravel all time and reality, and Vampirella finds herself stranded one hundred years in the future. A vision of things to come forces our heroine to make a painful decision, forever altering her fate.

Then, what begins in the shadowy jungles of a voodoo island empire will reach its astonishing conclusion in Hell itself! Everyone's favorite dark heroine will be pushed to the breaking point as her sanctuary is threatened, her love is at risk, and her own mother might just be her worst enemy after all! It's a story of endings and beginnings!

 Vampirella: The Dynamite Years Omnibus Vol 2 TP
Cover: Paul Renaud Writer: Brandon Jerwa Art: Heubert Khan Michael, Patrick Berkenkot…

REVIEW: 'Postal' #25 by Bryan Hill, Isaac Goodhart, and K. Michael Russell

In a comics industry dominated by superheroes, it can be tough to find an alternative to capes and powers. In 2015, Top Cow's Matt Hawkins along with Bryan Edward Hill and Isaac Goodhart launched 'Postal,' a crime drama series that was set in the fictional town of Eden, Wyoming where criminals could disappear from society under the protection of corrupt government officials and ruled by one family. Twenty-five issues later the series comes to an end in an explosive and mysterious fashion. Fans wouldn't have it any other way.

Writer: Bryan Hill Artist: Isaac Goodhart, K. Michael Russell Letterer: Troy Peteri Publisher: Image Comics Release Date: January 24, 2018 Cover Price: $5.99
Score: ★★★★★ (5/5)
Three years ago we were introduced to the Shiffron family. Laura the mother was the mayor, her son Mark ran the post office, and Isaac was the founder but absent and more myth than man early on in the series.  Laura was a hardliner in keeping the peace in Eden to …

PREVIEW: 'Josie and the Pussycats Vol. 2' TPB by Cameron DeOrdio, Marguerite Bennett, Audrey Mok, Kelsey Shannon, et al.

JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS VOL. 2 sends the world’s biggest comic book band on action-packed adventures all around the world! Collects issues 6 – 9 of the Josie and the Pussycats series by writers Marguerite Bennett (DC Comics’ Bombshells) and Cameron DeOrdio and artist Audrey Mok (Archie).

Script: Cameron DeOrdio, Marguerite Bennett  Art: Audrey Mok, Kelsey Shannon, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli  Cover: Audrey Mok  978-1-68255-917-8  $12.99/$14.99CAN  6 x 8 1/2” TR 104 pp, Full Color  Direct Market On-Sale Date: 1/31

Preview by Enrique Rea, courtesy of Archie Comics