Jay Faerber and Michael Montenat Join Panel Syndicate for New Series GLACIER CITY

Panel Syndicate welcomes its newest member: GLACIER CITY, a police mystery series by the amazing team of writer Jay Faerber and artist Michael Montenat!

Jay's the writer and co-creator of Image Comics series such as COPPERHEAD, ELSEWHERE, and DYNAMO 5, and also writes for television shows like STAR-CROSSED and ZOO.

Michael's an illustrator whose clients include IDW, Legendary, BOOM!, Top Cow, Zac Brown Band and Universal Studios Japan.

Police Chief Wes Cutter is the only law enforcement in a secluded Alaskan town where everyone has a secret and his closest backup is hours away. There are two kinds of people who live in Alaska. Those born there, and those that are running away from something. And Wes wasn’t born there.

If the response to this "pilot" issue is good, Jay and Michael promise there will be more, so please be sure to head over to panelsyndicate.com and show them your love!