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HEAVY METAL: 'Chasing The Dragon' #1 is Available Now

 In Chasing the Dragon , New York Times Bestselling writer Denton J. Tipton and acclaimed painter menton3 explore a dark fantasy world ravaged by the rampant abuse of a drug made from the blood of dragons. When two young slaves discover a terrible secret that could change the course of the world, will a meek alchemist’s apprentice and a drug-addled concubine survive long outside their cages? For fans of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad . CHASING THE DRAGON Writer: Denton J. Tiption  Artist: menton3 Publisher: Heavy Metal Release: Feb. 26, 2021  Order Here

REVIEW: 'Wasted Space' #11 by Michael Moreci, Hayden Sherman, and Jason Wordie

The crew's in deep sh*t with these new passengers, and Billy dashes off for a... galactic spa?! Meanwhile, Molly's not taking any more BS from anyone!


Writer: Michael Moreci
Artist: Hayden Sherman, Jason Wordie
Publisher: Vault Comics
Release Date: November 6, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Score: ★★★★★ (5/5)

One of the best comic book series being published today returns with a rollicking new arc. The funniest most thought-provoking space opera is back for more death-defying missions and stinging existential commentaries. Part science fiction adventure, part philosophy class, 'Wasted Space' is anything but a waste, just the most engaging and enjoyable time you can have in comics. 

Already accustomed to jumping headlong into some dangerous ill-conceived missions, the crew reluctantly embrace another one. As expected, things go awry and lucky for us it's a complete blast. All of this leads to some awkward conversations and some self-reflection. No one balances high-adventure with deep internal existentialism like Michael Moreci. In the end, it's really about the relationships between these characters that bind them together and keep us rooting for them. 

Hayden Sherman and Jason Wordie reach another level of creativity and execution with an issue of such complex designs. It's probably their most impressive display of art throughout the series. They deserve an award for this issue alone. The designs, the colors, the mind-boggling precision is outstanding. I'm not going to spoil any of it. It should be witnessed firsthand with the same awe and appreciation that I had. 

'Wasted Space' is back with a bang. Everything you love about the series - the hi-jinks, the danger, the humor, the philosophical monologues - are all on hand for another rip-roaring adventure through space. There are few "must-buys" in comics and 'Wasted Space' is definitely one of them.