'The Long Shot' Arc Begins in BLOODSHOT #4 This December

BLOODSHOT #4 unleashes Valiant's supersoldier on a brand-new mission this December!

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It's bullets vs. claws in the first chapter of "The Long Shot," a gripping new story starring the nanite-infused hero. Trapped in a bullet train, Bloodshot and his new allies, the Burned, square off against fearsome creatures in BLOODSHOT #4, an action-packed issue that serves as the perfect jumping on point before Vin Diesel makes his big screen debut as Bloodshot next year! The can't-miss issue is crafted by best-selling writer TIM SEELEY, iconic artist BRETT BOOTH, inker ADELSO CORONA, colorist ANDREW DALHOUSE, and letterer DAVE SHARPE. 

Check out a preview of BLOODSHOT #4's mayhem below!

(Art by Brett Booth, Adelso Corona, and Andrew Dalhouse)

BLOODSHOT #4 goes on sale December 18th, 2019, and features covers by Declan Shalvey, Mike McKone, Marc Laming, and a preorder cover by Simon Bisley.