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HEAVY METAL: 'Chasing The Dragon' #1 is Available Now

 In Chasing the Dragon , New York Times Bestselling writer Denton J. Tipton and acclaimed painter menton3 explore a dark fantasy world ravaged by the rampant abuse of a drug made from the blood of dragons. When two young slaves discover a terrible secret that could change the course of the world, will a meek alchemist’s apprentice and a drug-addled concubine survive long outside their cages? For fans of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad . CHASING THE DRAGON Writer: Denton J. Tiption  Artist: menton3 Publisher: Heavy Metal Release: Feb. 26, 2021  Order Here

KICKSTARTER SPOTLIGHT: Mashbone & Grifty: Open for Biz - Volume 1

Oscar Garza and Rolando Esquivel, collectively known as The 5 Meats, are a comedy team from Brownsville TX who's mission is to fill two roles shamefully under-served in comics: Comedy and Chicano/Latinx Main Characters. 5 Meats Comics announces very first Kickstarter: MASHBONE & GRIFTY: OPEN FOR BIZ!

The Hilarious adventures of the dumbest Detectives around conclude in the ALL-NEW Season Finale, printed for the first time IN COLOR!
Our goal is to raise $3,500 to print a MEATY MONSTER of a comic, telling the story of how Mashbone & Grifty went from losers to... busy losers! You'll get the first four issues, including the debut of the BRAND NEW issue 4: Son of the Master!

With over 200 pages of Satirical mutated-monkeyman action-comedy along with annotations following each issue, this volume is perfect for fans to catch the latest adventure in glorious COLOR, as well as an excellent place for new readers to jump on the MASHBONE EXPRESS!


The First Rule...
Are you Ready for some DEATHBALL?!?
A L'l Bitty Crimmus
 BRAND NEW STORY: Son of the Master 
 Annotations for each story
One-shot comic, Mashbone & Grifty at Staple! Independent Media Expo 

  • Digital & Physical Copies
  • Stickers
  • Bookmarks
  • Collectible Trading Cards
  • Collectible Drink Coasters
  • Original Commissioned Posters
  • and even a drawn cameo in the book!


            MASHBONE & GRIFTY is a satirical action-comedy, about a gullible, happy-go lucky monkey-man and his pessimistic, cowardly sad-sack best friend who, after years of stagnation in dead-end gigs, decide to take life in their own mitts by starting their own detective agency in a South Texas border-town.